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  I am a Change Facilitator. I have always loved teaching and helping people grow, along with coaching and facilitating transformational change.
✑Change is a universal constant in everyone’s life from the time we are a very small child. At this very young and impressionable age, we have our first experiences with change that can significantly shape and define our future. In time, we learn how to become open to it, or resist various types of change. Our resistance, even subconsciously can strongly influence our choices and affect our overall success in life.
✑Through our work together, you will discover your story or patterns related to change, so far. You become aware of your amazing potential and power of wholeheartedly embracing change in creating a future that you love. For many, it is the beginning of seeing new doors of opportunity opening!
✑Through blending EFT, NLP with individualized Coaching much progress can be made and new doors opened. Sometimes deeper personal work (including self-love and your inner child), may be required to wholeheartedly feel empowered to achieve your desired results.
✑ Through our working together, you come to realize that the choice of how to create change is up to you. You now choose to live a life filled with Clarity, Contentment and Connection! 

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 “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty."

― Maya Angelou

Kathy Cavanaugh

Spotlight Coaching

 Here's a little bit more about me...

I am a Certified Coach, Educator, and Mentor with years of experience in both Personal Change and Leadership Development within both the educational and business realms.  After many years as a Change Facilitator, I took a giant leap of change into my new endeavor.

My endeavor is focussed on my passion for coaching others as they navigate times of transition and facilitate their own heartfelt personal change. They discover how to utilize and leverage change, to create powerful new beginnings in their life.  

I can help you do the same, whether it is a long term, heartfelt desire and planned change; or navigating an unwanted, or unexpected change. Are you ready to get started... what new beginning or change do you want to create or fulfill in your life?


   My certifications and credentials:

✒︎Certified Life and Performance Coach
✒︎ Certified Heartshine EFT Coach and Mentor
✒︎ Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner
✒︎ Certified Energy Psychology Practitioner

✒︎ Certified NLP Practitioner

✒︎Certified Leadership Coach

✒︎Certified Relationship Coach